Frequently Asked Questions

XRP Party is a game-based platform that pays you when you deposit, Hodl and play with your XRP on the site. It is intended to be a social game with rewards for those that play, refer and/or Hodl XRP!
XRP Party will officially launch on January 5th 2020 at 8am GMT-4
Up to 10,000 XRP Giveaway!!

Top 25 Referrers

Jackpot increases to:

10,000 XRP--> 3000 XRP giveaway

1st - 1000 XRP

2nd - 500 XRP

3rd - 250 XRP

4th - 150 XRP

5th - 100 XRP

6th --> 25th-50 XRP each

30,000 XRP--> 3000 XRP giveaway

1st - 1000 XRP

2nd - 500 XRP

3rd - 250 XRP

4th - 150 XRP

5th - 100 XRP

6th --> 25th-50 XRP each

50,000 XRP--> 4000 XRP giveaway

1st - 1500 XRP

2nd - 600 XRP

3rd - 450 XRP

4th - 250 XRP

5th - 200 XRP

6th --> 25th-50 XRP each


You must Buy minimum of 10 party packs

Your Referral must buy minimum of 10 party packs

Party packs will be available for purchase from January 5th,2020

The main exchange is your first entry point for XRP Party. Once you deposit XRP into your wallet and purchase Hodl Credits a small fee is taken and given to the house. A part of that fee is then divided among all those players that bought and are Hodling the Hodl credits purchased before you. Those rewards come in the form of XRP which are deposited directly in to your XRP wallet on the platform. You can then decide to buy more Hodl Credits or any other options available or even withdraw.
Hodl credits are your tickets to rewards from the platform. When you deposit XRP and buy Hodl credits, that entitles you to rewards for all buys, sells and game play on the platform in the form of XRP directly to your wallet. Hodl credits will always be 1 credit per 1 XRP. As a bonus, each player will get 1 Universal Party Token per 100 Hodl credits purchased in a single transaction of Hodl credits.
Universal Party Tokens are a bonus given to players to be used in the Jackpot game as well as future games going forward. Players are given 1 Universal Party Token per 100 single purchase Hodl credits transaction. At this time the Universal Party token may be used to pick additional numbers in the Jackpot Party game. The token can be used just the same as the Jackpot Party token in any Jackpot Party game so long as entry has been granted with a Party pack purchase.
The first deposit minimum will be 25 XRP. 20 XRP for activation of personal XRP wallet on the site (mandated by XRP blockchain for security), as well as 5 XRP to meet first minimum deposit onto the site to use for play. Any subsequent deposit will be 5XRP minimum.
Unfortunately, no, at this time the feature has not been activated. However, we may add this in the future.

13% tax on all buys and sells of Hodl Credits

5% to all holders

5% to referral account, if no referral link was used then this will go to Development and marketing for future games and prizes

2% for future jackpots and giveaways

1% To developers

Jackpot Party is a first of its kind Jackpot game, as well as the first game released by XRP Party platform. All players that want to join a Jackpot Party must gain entry by purchasing at least one Party pack per Jackpot Party. The Jackpot rounds and initial jackpot size will vary. We will ensure jackpots with purchasing and playing costs to meet whales, minnows and all those in between! A player must purchase a party pack and pick the lowest unique number at the end of the game timer to win the pot!!
Consider Party packs as your ticket into the Jackpot Party and the tool you need to play. The first party pack purchase will get you entry as well as a jackpot party token to attempt to choose your number to win. You may purchase as many XRP packs as you wish to pick as many numbers as you wish. Moving forward these packs will come packed with more exciting tools and tricks to add more strategy to your game play on your path to become a Party God and taking a Jackpot!
Each Party pack purchase benefits all players in the following way:

50% of purchase goes to Jackpot to increase pot size

40% to marketing and new game development

10% goes to PARTY Hodlers so be sure to buy your Hodl Credits before your pack!

These values can change in the future as the platform continues to grow giving more XRP to Hodlers
Consider Jackpot Party tokens as the quarter to play a game like old school arcades back in the day. You can play or pick as many numbers as you hold of Jackpot Party Tokens
No, once Jackpot party Tokens have been purchased, they must be used in the Jackpot Party game they were purchased for.
Yes, Jackpot Party tokens that are unused at the end of a Jackpot Party round will roll over in your wallet and can be used in the next round. However, a new round will require entry by purchasing a new Jackpot Party pack gaining entry and allowing you to use retained/saved Jackpot Party Tokens.
If all numbers from 1-50,000 have been selected more than twice so there is no longer a unique number available, the round ends and a new round begins. If all numbers between 1-50,000 are not chosen, and all currently selected numbers are not unique at timer end, the round ends and a new round begins. Upon ending in these scenarios, the next round increases by 20,000 numbers so would now be between 1-70,000. This increase will occur on all rounds that do not end until a winning round has completed. The current Jackpot balance that is not won will be distributed as follows:

10% goes to dev/maintenance fees

15% rains to the players Hodling Credits.

75% rolls to the next round as the opening Jackpot

In order to win a player must select a number that no one else has, making that number unique as no other player has selected it. If that number is also the lowest of unique numbers currently selected when the timer runs out, the player with that lowest unique number wins the Jackpot.
We have designed the jackpot game to be variable. Initially the jackpot rounds will be 7 days or more, however we will add more that may be lightning rounds that are shorter.
Feel free to click on telegram or twitter links under “social” we are regularly there to answer all your questions.
If a player uses your link to purchase Hodl Credits, you will receive 5% of that purchase each time your link is used. The XRP will be deposited directly to your wallet on the platform.Do note that YOU must have hodl credits to qualify for this referral.