XRP Party About

Hey XRP Community!! Welcome!! Welcome!! It’s with great pleasure that we introduce ourselves. We are Kareem and Sal. We have been a part of the Ripple XRP journey for about four years now and guess what??!!!

Like so many of you, we are still hodling STRONG! We have been on this journey with you through all the bull markets and looooooooong bear markets. We have not waivered because we know at the end of the day the true value of XRP regardless what the market shows.

At this moment, XRP is one of the few digital assets that has multiple use cases already in operation with a great vision of more to come. This alone was all Sal and I needed to know to allow us to hodl confidently and not waiver.

With that said, we know that it can be difficult at times when you see other sh*tcoins going up 100x and the GREAT XRP not joining those huge green candles. You can’t help but question your XRP bag and ask; “Can anybody give XRP a hand?!? :( Yea, trust us, we understand that feeling all too well.

To support our resolve, we just stepped back and looked at the bigger picture. What Ripple is trying to, and we think will achieve with XRP is going to target a multi trillion-dollar market. Something revolutionary like that takes time, especially since we are dealing with the archaic banking systems that we have all grown so fond of.

So, join us and say forget the people that say the price of XRP cannot rise above $5, $10 or $100 because the marketcap would be too huge! Everything Ripple is doing right now will continue to pave the course and fulfill the overall plan. Ripple is approaching this the right way and is on track to take XRP to values that none of us can even imagine.

In the interim, while we all wait, why not have fun with us? Why be late to the party? We developed this platform to bring the amazing community closer together, and even better, give everyone a chance to earn even more XRP at the same time! It pays to HODL! Let’s keep the faith and keep moving together. Soon, when we all moon, we will have an actual XRP Party to celebrate!!! You name the venue we will be there! Have fun, and thanks for joining our XRP PARTY!

XRP brothers,
Kareem & Sal